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November 03, 2004

Sweet Tooth is back!!

It's been a while hasn't it?? But it's time to bring back the sales!! Today through Sunday you can take $10 off ANY HANDBAG (over $20) in the store. What?? Did I hear that right?! Yes, you certainly did. Whether you are celebrating the elections or mourning them, shopping works for both. All the colors, all the materials, all the styles of purses you could imagine, ripe for the buying at EMERALDS. And you've got until Sunday to pick one (or four) out for yourself. Handbags make great gifts too, don't forget about your friends! So, swing by EMERALDS on your way home from work this week and exercise your right to shop for bargain bags!!

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September 21, 2004

Yet another Sweet tooth sale!

Let's see, winter is approaching...cooler weather, nightfall comes earlier and it is, I must say, the best time of the year for candles. That means you should stock up on sweetly scented candles because although the flame may be small, there's something about a candle-lit room that just warms you up...not to mention the whole romantic factor which is always a good way to 'warm up' (wink!!)--Getting to the point; for all you CANDY readers this week your Sweet Tooth sale is 15% off all candles!! Get yourself over to Emeralds, pick out some savory candles and don't forget to mention how much you love CANDY, give the girls your email address, and just like that you'll get 15% off!!
Oh and if you are looking for some extra romance, you can always grab some sultry massage doesn't get much hotter than that!!

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September 17, 2004

Don't forget!!

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day for all you Candy readers to take 10% off all our baby stuff. Gentle baby soaps, baby t-shirts, baby socks...all 10% off when you mention CANDY and give us your email address. And hey, if there are no babies in your life right now you can still take advantage of the sale because you never know when the stork might pay a little visit to you or a friend...and you'll be prepared! Besides, you may find something fabulous for yourself in the store anyway and that's always a pleasant perk, right?...

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September 13, 2004

Baby's Sweettooth!!

Nothing is more exciting (or terrifying) than having a baby! Frankly, I can't even imagine it!! But maybe one of the more fun parts of having a baby (or knowing someone who's having a baby) is going baby shopping! Oh, the darling socks, and the little baby onesy, and the tiny head bands with the sweet flowers on them...could they be any cuter?!! If any of the above items are making you all warm and gushy, maybe it's time to do a little baby shopping of your own. And what do you know--EMERALDS would like to honor all the baby's, too small to shop for themselves, with a Sweettooth sale this week. For all you Candy readers, you can take an extra 10% off all baby stuff this week. Catch the baby fever, do some shopping and save money!! Just mention CANDY and give us your email (for verification)--it's just that simple; and with baby stuff in your bag--it's just that precious!!

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August 30, 2004

The Freshman 20 (% off, that is!!)

sweettoothHopefully some of you took advantage of our 15% off sale last week. If you didn't, never fear...there's always something new!!
This week, everyone is jumping back into the daily grind. Dragging yourself out of bed, driving, walking or riding the bus to school and then making the trek in August's heat to your classes--Ugh, school can be such a bummer!! Maybe you're experiencing the excitement (or trauma, depending on how you see it) of college for the first time! Just for you, there's a special sale going on this week at EMERALDS. Come in this week, mention that you're a CANDY reader (you've given us your email), show us a valid college ID and you'll get 20% off your purchase. You know there'll be a plethora of new college activities for you these next few months so you'll want to prepare your wardrobe...not to mention trying to make that tiny dorm room livable; and all that on a college student's budget, are you kidding?! Hence the 20% off!! Every little bit will help you out. And I must say, looking great for the rush parties is well worth a trip over to EMERALDS!! Come see us, bring your ID and save money--that's all there is too it!

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August 26, 2004

Sweet tooth reminder!

sweettoothsalesJust a quick reminder for all you CANDY readers...a special treat this week! You know that sinking feeling you get when you find a new dress that fits you perfect, flattens your stomach and makes you feel beautiful, BUT you just can't spend the money for it?...Well, remember that this week at Emeralds CANDY readers (those of you who have given us your email) will get an extra 15% off!! And you know what that means...that sexy dress is as good as yours because--well, frankly, you deserve it and you can certainly get it with extra money to spare!! Give us your email address and mention CANDY and 15% of the cost stays in your pocket. Hmmm...You know what you'll be wearing this weekend!

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August 22, 2004

Sweet tooth sale!!

sweettoothHere's yet another special treat for all CANDY readers. Head over to Emeralds this week, do some shopping and then mention CANDY at the register and you'll get 15% off your entire purchase. Give them your email and you're good to go with 15% worth of savings! Now that is truly a sweet deal!! Be sure to check back with CANDY periodically because you just never know when you'll find an extra sweet deal!

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August 11, 2004

For your patience...

sweettoothsalesFor those of you who subscribed to our newsletter and received an email, here's a little treat for you! Print out your email and take it into the store...and between today and Friday you'll get an additional 10% off everything!!If you subscribed but have not received an email, never fear--we haven't forgotten about you. Keep looking out for the email because it's coming! Thank you for being patient--good things come to those who wait!!

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Enough with the pink!

pink-topsLet's see--there's Pretty in Pink, Pink Floyd, the Pink Panther, Pink (psuedo punk-pop artist)...suffice to say, plenty revolves around the color pink. And I know, you could possibly getting a little sick of I've got some good news! The week of pink is finally drawing to an end! (sigh) But today you Candy readers can come in for a Sweet tooth sale on all solid pink tops! (yes, I said solid pink) Trust me, there's a ton of pink in the store, so you should have no trouble finding several perfectly pink tanks and shirts to boost your feminine beauty. WHOA! that was an extreme use of the word pink, right?--try this tongue twister on for size!

Pretty Betty Pratt bought big Bing Bridge's pink pick. Big Bing Bridge, bring pretty Betty Pratt that pink pick, pronto!

And here's a few more tongue twisters if you dare!

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August 10, 2004

Best-fit handbags

pink-purseYou wouldn't believe how much accessories can save you! Reason: changing up your accessories changes your outfit. For example, expand your belt collection, or your jewelry collection and you have just created new ensembles from the same basic clothes. But there is nothing that can change the entire mood of your dress more than a handbag. A shiny purse has a way of screaming for fine champagne and gourmet food, but a bright funky handbag begs for the pounding beat of the clubs. The handbag should always compliment the situation, you know that, so let that be your rationale for making a few extra splurges. Honestly, you never know what could come up and as far as purses go, it's better to be safe than sorry--and by sorry I mean carrying around a grandma purse on your next hot date!!

An extra sweet treat for you Candy readers--pink purses are 10% off today!!

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