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November 21, 2005

Saying "Thanks" in Style

10568_001_lg The holiday season is fast approaching... before we're plunged headfirst into that tornado of tinsel, crowded malls and claymation Christmas specials, now is the time to take a deep breath and remember: the tradition of Thanksgiving is, after all, more than merely turkey and football.  It's about giving thanks, showing your appreciation for your friends and family.  And what better way to let them know you care than with a thank-you card!  Even before any gifts are exchanged, hand out a card (on some gorgeous stationary, of course!) with a personalized note to the special people in your life -- even in the midst of holiday stress, they'll be able to take a step back, and remember what the season is really about.

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November 16, 2004

Saying thank you...

Thankscards"What do you say?" the mother quizzes peering down at her little daughter who just received a shiny green balloon monkey from the clown on the street corner.  "Thank you!" the child says excitedly no longer even noticing the clown who created her new toy. 

I remember hearing that repeatedly when I was young.  What do you say?  And now with nieces and nephews, I do the same as my parents; ever enforcing the rules of please and thank you.  And in 1922, a young woman named Emily Post gave us all the rules that govern human interaction in her book Etiquette. However, some people might say that etiquette is dead.  But if you've ever opened a genuine thank you card, or worse, never received a well-deserved gesture of gratuity, then you'll agree manners matter!!  In fact, after King Louis XIV decreed the rules of courtesy punishment for breaking them sometimes resulted in life-long jail sentences!  I don't recommend obsessing that much over formalities, but your friends and family surely appreciate a thank you from time to time.  Most people hear those words so infrequently today, you may even have to explain what you mean!...But truly, you never know how far a little kindness can go...

A quote for you: Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back. -Thomas Sowell

Let's hear from you: What is the rudest thing anyone has ever done to you? (keep it clean please)   

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October 11, 2004

The GIRLS are back in town!

The joys of turning 21:
Drinking martinis.
Drinking martinis with expensive liquor.
Drinking martinis with expensive liquor and delicious flavors.
Drinking martinis with expensive liquor and delicious flavor with the girls!!
In high school gathering for a girl's night periodically was vital...especially to the health and appearance of your nails and skin. (you know...pedicures, manicures, face masks...ring any bells??) But with age comes independence; and with independence comes a busy schedule, unfortunately. It suddenly seems as though your group of girls is so scattered that you'd be lucky to talk to all of them within a week, much less match up schedules and meet for drinks. Quick and clever solution--put a date down on paper--that is, of the invitation variety. Let's face it people just respond more positively to mailed invitations than they do to last minute phone calls. Plus, finding an invitation to happy hour doesn't really rank up there with the regular mailbox occurences. That means all your friends will be delighted and intrigued...and even more excited to discover that the 'Girl's nights' of the past are back with a vengeance!!

Thinking about entertaining your friends at your place here are some tips from the martini experts!

Let's hear from you: Any activity suggestions for the girl's night out? What do you and your girls usually do?

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