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September 07, 2005

FALL-ing in Love!


Heels and I have never exactly gotten along.  I may drool over a pair of stilettos as much as the next girl, but the minute they're strapped to my feet, I start teetering.  Apparently I never inherited the grace or inner-ear balance associated with my gender (or maybe I shouldn't have skipped out on cotillion in junior high)... no matter how many imaginary runways I walk down, I just can't seem to wear a heel without feeling like I'm about to topple over.

For those of us trying to maintain our poise (hopefully I'm not the only one!) a solution is in sight.  With the changing of the seasons comes a new spin on an old favorite: the wedge.

Now, don't panic -- these are not the infamous wedges of the 1990s, those clunky Baby Spice atrocities that were somehow termed as stylish.  The wedge of the millennium has slimmed down and shaped up, giving you the look and height of a heel, without... the actual heel.  Choose a rounded or peep-toe, and colors and patterns from this year's autumn palette for a fall staple that goes with both skirts and jeans.  More surface area to stand on means less of a chance of embarrassment via the laws of gravity -- it's pure physics.  My inner-ear is feeling better already!

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February 14, 2005

A reason to 'love'...

Vdaysho As I drove to work today listening to the radio talk show hosts prattle on about dinner reservations and spontaneous marriage proposals, it occured to me--I am scowling.  When did I become one of those relationship-hating single women who would rather spend the evening with a good bottle of wine than a man?  And more than that, am I the only one?  Though you will be surrounded by hearts and roses and candy today, some of which may be yours, some of which may belong to the despised girl in the cubicle next to you; the truth is, Valentine's Day packs a punch every year.  If you're single, you hate it. If you're in a relationship it will undoubtedly disappoint the expectations you've spent at least a month building up in your mind.  So, why does this holiday persist?  Well, if nothing else, it's an excuse to shop.  Buy yourself a new dress, new shoes...and in my mind, that is the only good thing about this holiday. It's the perfect reason to splurge on sexy clothes you might never wear again and without a hint of guilt attached.  After all, you're not the one paying for dinner tonight....

If you are truly a lover today...Happy Valentine's Day!!

"Love is the most beautiful of dreams and worst of nightmares." --William Shakespeare

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October 22, 2004

Fashion advice from Dorothy?...

How can a shoe be so trendy? These ostentatious stilettos represent two key elements of footwear fashion. First, it's all about the shine. That's right; Dorothy and her Ruby Slippers would be a big hit! The heels you pegged as gaudy last year are seeking their revenge. And here's the best part...the glamorous shimmer isn't reserved for nightlife only. In fact, it seems that flashy fabrics cover every style of shoe from comfy slides to high-end boots. Look out for reflective patent leather, silvers, golds...if it appeals to your mammalian instinct for shiny objects, then you should definitely wear it. Second, texture rules all. It's not every day that our tactile senses receive such attention, but designers found a way to incorporate feeling into every part of shoe vogue. If you find yourself resisting the urge to touch, then put it on your feet! And don't think that these two fashion factors only apply to shoes. Oh no, all of style right now is instinctive, unique and mixture-friendly. So slide your little feet into a pair of glistening pumps, tap your heels together three times and say--well, on second thought, don't tap your heels, you wouldn't want to scuff up that fabulous fabric!!

Here's the real deal!
Let's hear from you: What is your favorite fall footwear style? What is your least favorite fall footwear style?
A quote for you: You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. -Forrest Gump

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September 30, 2004

What is 'hip' anyway??

I propose that there is no such thing as 'latest fashion'. Bear with me on this...Take these shoes. The ones on the right are from--can you guess...the late 1800s! That's over a hundred year old style. The shoes on the left are new for the fall. In fact, the whole jeweled slipper trend began a very long time ago in China, or at least, that's what they say. But honestly, who knows? Or maybe a better question is, does it really matter? If, as we all hopefully believe, fashion design is an art that requires creativity...AND Art is an ongoing process, always building on the old to create the new; then it's okay that new fads mimic old trends. It's good for you because vintage stores can always lend a hand (or a garment) to your wardrobe here and there. Plus, you can always grab something from that box labeled 'old clothes', put it on and call it trendy, that is, if you can still fit it...but I wouldn't recommend it. Best to leave the fashion-setting to the professionals...

Let's hear from you: What is your favorite fashion from the past year? What trend did you absolutely hate from this past year? (Click on 'Comment' below and tell everyone what you think!)
A song for you: Suzanne Vega's "Caramel" (it's on the "Closer" trailer)

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September 15, 2004

These boots were made for...YOU!!

Anything goes this fall! Isn't it exciting?! Dark colors, bright colors, sequins, tights--mix it all together and you've got the hang of how to dress this fall. But the best thing about fall fashion (or any fashion for that matter) is shoes...namely BOOTS! Wearing a pair of high heeled boots is like instantly claiming your womanhood--it's immediate sex appeal! And with dress boots you can wear the boot to fit your style. In other words, pull your pants over them and you've got heels that happen to keep part of your leg warm; tuck your pants into the boots and you'll definitely be the hippest girl on the block; throw on a short skirt and you'll have the sexiest legs around!--You just can't go wrong with a great pair of fashion boots! They're a spicy staple for every wardrobe. So, if you're not big on the dark-and-drab-colors-only fashion typical of the fall...well my friend these next few months are all for you! And if the clothes don't work out for you, well, at least your hair gets a break from the humidity, right!?

Here's a small piece of the funky new fall fashions! Exciting, huh?!

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August 21, 2004

Ten reasons to buy black!!

blackshoes3Black shoes are just about the best fashion has to offer. In fact, here are ten reasons black shoes are the bomb!!

1. Black will match anything.
2. The color black isn't seasonal.
3. Black is dressy.
4. Ah, but black is casual too!
5. You could probably still wear the black heels your mother wore when she was your age. (That is, if she took really really good care of them)
6. Even if they're cheap, black shoes rarely show it.
7. Depending on the outfit, they can either highlight or downplay certain features.
8. Black is slimming. (yes, even for your feet!)
9. Black shoes are incredibly easy to find.
10. You will almost always get your money's worth from any pair of black shoes.

In short, black shoes are timeless, versatile and fashionable. In fact, you can fill your closet with a rainbow of shoes, but three pairs of black shoes will most likely get you by. But of course, there's nothing fun about that! Black is so great, why stop at three??

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August 09, 2004

Shoes galore...

shoe11A great Latin poet named Publilius Syrus once said "You cannot put the same shoe on every foot." EXXACTLYY!! Even though he lived a long, long time ago, he knew what he was talking about. Not only can you not put the same shoe on every foot, but you cannot wear the same shoe on the same foot to every occasion! You can never have too many shoes. High heels, low heels, flats, slides...need I say more? Don't you just burn with envy every time you see a girl's closet on MTV Cribs?...Oh, to have two walls full of shoes. It's just not fair! I suppose if you looked hard you might find enough great shoe bargains (or open enough credit cards) to obtain the desired size of shoe collection, but its better just to remind yourself--slow and steady wins the race. Little by little you'll get there; a sexy pair here, a trendy pair there and before you know the walls of shoes are all yours!

Remember, Candy readers get an extra 10% off all pink shoes!!

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August 02, 2004

Way back when shoes...

report_shoesThe look in shoes seems to be jumping all over the timeline...from the conservative class of the fifties to the we-thought-we'd-never-go-back eighties. Best solution: never throw away your shoes because sooner or later they'll all be back! Take these comfy but stylish shoes; don't you feel certain that you (or your mom) owned some just like this in the late eighties? Maybe it's just me. But there's still something truly delightful about them; glossy and pink on the inside, patterned cut-out on the toe; they are, in the words of my grandmother, just dahlin'!! You can pull them off with jeans, a skirt, or a dress so they score big in the versitility department--and that means that you can, in fact, keep them around for future fashions!

Something extra sweet--for you Candy shoppers this and all white shoes are 10% off today!!

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July 21, 2004

Did someone say Shoe Sale?!

on_saleWell get ready for this one...SHOE SALES are going on right now!! Several styles are marked down, some to as low as $19.95! And these aren't just plastic flip flops, I'm talkin' designers like Steve Madden, Esprit, Soda and Bebe; the shoes you've been wanting all summer are finally on SALE!

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July 20, 2004

Where are the bowling shoes?

deiselshoesThose sneaky bowling shoes...they are here one minute and the next seem to vanish from the forefront of the fashion world. What has become of them? Well never fear, they are still out there and hotter than ever. Now it's more the basic bowling shoe style with a twist of sport and a dash of color. Think retro. Think vintage. But more importantly, think comfort! The problem with fashion, especially for girls, is it can be so freakin uncomfortable. Well, ladies, you finally have a highly chic style and, thank heavens, comfort. They'll look fantastic with your cotton ruffled skirt, or your favorite jeans--with your shortest shorts, or your comfy capris. Sporty, swanky and splashed with color...that bowls a perfect strike every time.

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