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December 29, 2005

Bling in the New Year!!

Laundry847 2005 is finally coming to a close... the year that brought us Tomkat and Brangelina, a new pope and a new Spears-Federline, natural disasters and desperate housewives.  Such a momentous year deserves a Paris-worthy blowout bash; besides, if '05 was this crazy, just imagine what's in store for 2006!

So... out with the old, and in with the new, wardrobe included!  Start the new year off right, with some sparkling accessories that rival the ball drop in Times Square.  A little glam is a sure-fire way to snag that special someone when the clock strikes twelve.  And when the night is over, don't let all that sparkle go to waste: resolve to ice-up your new look -- remember, a little shimmer goes a long way!

Now that you're pimped like Jenny from the Block, show off the rocks that you got at First Night Austin, where the local arts culture is taking it to the streets to welcome in the new year!

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November 04, 2005

History of a Gem


It's a fact -- turquoise never goes out of style.  Even as far back as ancient Egypt, this sky-blue gem has been at the height of fashion.  Across the continents, turquoise has been worn around the neck and wrists as protection from evil spirits, good luck charms, or as balancing symbols of lake and sky. 

Fast-forward to today; we may not buy into the mysticism, but we can still sense what ancient civilizations saw in these stones.  It's smooth blue-green sheen has us hooked -- plus it looks fabulous as a fall accessory!  Which is what the Egyptians really had in mind, anyway.

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April 13, 2005

Bring on the sun!!

30719pnkshell19_lgEnough of spring already!!  As if there aren't enough birds chirping, rain falling, flowers blooming.  A little bit of that can go a long way.  In the meantime, hello mother nature, we are ready for summertime.  Maybe not necessarily ready for 120 degrees, but the beach is screaming for some sunbathers and surfers.  Whichever one you happen to be surely you can agree.  You've worn your floral skirts and shrugs. You have your trendy wedges.  Now is the time for tank tops and sea shells and, did I hear someone say...micro-mini! Maybe not.  But before you venture out in search of your summer '05 bathing suit, think about accessories.  Yes, that's right, summer accessories can make or break a halter top.  And a summer favorite are superb shells.  Shell necklaces, shell bracelets, shell's the word!  But I'm rambling.  Bottom line: Give us what you got summertime, we're ready!

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January 24, 2005

Weather to shop or not...

15591majaopljdqzgf98_lg_1So, the weather seems to be going a little crazy lately (to say the least), and as a result you never know whether you should buy more sweaters or more skirts, sandals or boots...hmph!  Maybe it's a good time to stock up on accessories.  Why?  Because a fabulous pair of earrings sees no rain, and a chic necklace knows no snow.  In other words, while the weather can't seem to make up its mind, the toughest decision you'll be making is whether to buy gold or silver. Besides, if Mother Nature won't settle on a temperature why should you settle on a piece of jewelry?  Often times it's the jewelry that makes the outfit anyways, so before expanding your closet only to discover that Ma Nature has chosen an alternative weather route, add some delightful jewels to your collection.  Fly in the face of the weatherman! It's almost like buying a new outfit, except way more glittery!!...

Let's hear from you: What was your New Year's Eve outfit?  How did you plan it, last minute or months ahead?

A song for you:  "Everybody's Changing"  by Keane (They're playing tomorrow night at La Zona Rosa!!)

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September 24, 2004

Recipe of Jewels

You're a big fan of jewelry, right? Every woman must, at least to certain extent, be a big fan of jewelry. Maybe it's partly primal...honestly, if guys can get off over fast cars then why can't women adore shiny jewels. There's nothing shallow about it; it's a simple fact. Hot fashion deserves hot accessories, and hot accessories include bracelets, neclaces and rings that positively sizzle. However, I am under the distinct impression that women can be a tad shy when it comes to jewelry. How many times have you thought "Oh my god, I love those earrings, BUT I could never pull them off." This is where the problem arises. I could never pull that off--what does that mean anyway. You can pull off any fashion that you deem worthy to wear, ladies. Because style is 9 parts confidence and 1 part taste...believe it!! So whether it's an extra long necklace or extra large earrings--the rule is, if you love it then you'll be loved in it!!

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July 29, 2004

Wouldn't it be lov-ely?...

It's nice to see that gold is back, isn't it? 41306DYD_MDNot that I missed in the least bit the gaudy shiny gold accessories which I am embarrassed to say I still own...but this new gold is so different--so antiquated. Almost Victorian, it's a throw back to the prim and proper enchantment of the days when women wore the most lucious gowns and men were still chivalrous. Remember when Titanic came out; every girl raved about the red dress Kate Winslet wore in her 'almost suicide' scene. This season's gold is reminiscent of a time when everything was extravagant but mannerly, elegant but demure. There is something classy and refined about gold this summer--the slightest gold chain touched by the most gentle amount of color. It is My Fair Lady in grandeur but Sense and Sensibility in politeness. Finally a chance for you to look like the classic beauty that you truly are...

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July 26, 2004

Variations on a Chandelier

chandaleir_earring2Chandelier earrings--they came, they saw, they most definitely conquered the fashion scene. And we love them! They are elegant, glamorous, feminine...everything you need to turn heads. But, fashions come and go, and there are some you hate to see leave (others you may send off with a gracious farewell...hammer pants ring a bell?) Here's the good news...Chandelier earrings haven't gone anywhere--BUT, instead they're evolving with the that is perfect style! They aren't the same earrings you remember, they might dangle lower or wider, they might be symmetrical or asymmetrical, but the basic concept is the same--elegance, glamour and femininity. And those three timeless notions will never change...because all three come from YOU!

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