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August 17, 2004

Espresso time

espresso-cupsIn Italy, coffee isn't just a drink, it's a lifestyle. In fact, if you ask for un caffe' in an italian coffee bar, you'll get a small shot of espresso and (if you're lucky) cream on the side. Without batting an eye, Italians will toss back some of the best (and strongest) coffee in the world as if it were liquor before work, and after almost every meal. But how exotic--how chic is it to serve authentic italian coffee after a dinner party. And a good cup of java begs for smart dishware. I mean, honestly, could you picture yourself emerging from the kitchen with tiny dixie cups of steamy joe? No, of course not--BUT, a swanky 8 piece set of cutely colored and thoughtfully scripted espresso dishes will create the ideal post-dinner party atmosphere for you. Not to mention that the liquid caffeine will surely keep the party going. Very uptown, very impressive...very YOU!!

So, you've got the dish set, but what about the coffee. Check it out!!

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July 22, 2004

For the boys...

bowl--chicks-dig-youAw, isn't he so cute when he tries to act like he has all the answers? Men can be quite silly when it comes to knowledge and control. Sometimes it's best just to let him think he's right...guys love that! Because honestly, there are some things he can never understand, so really it can't hurt to let him think he does. "Sure baby, you were right." "I know, honey, you knew it before I did." "Of course you are the best!" But, you don't want to rev up his ego all the time...just let his cereal bowl do some of the dirty work! It's everything he needs in the morning--a big bowl of breakfast and a few esteem building compliments. Hey, whatever makes your job easier, right?

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