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March 25, 2005

Hunting for Easter fashion

Ben_sherman_dressThe wildflowers are out, the birds are in the air, the days are getting longer...yes, spring is officially here.  But it wouldn't truly be springtime without floral prints, pastel skirts and slinky tanks.  And with Easter right around the corner you'll be searching for the perfect Sunday church statement.  Something bright, something classy...something mother will approve of and something that photographs well.  Who knew dress shopping could be so involved?  But when you find the perfect one, the dress that makes you giddy...that makes it all worth it.  You'll be hunting for eggs with the children and making a fashion statement to all the grown-ups.  Afterall, you're still a kid at heart, but no one says that you have to dress like one!  Happy Easter everyone!!

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November 22, 2004

You asked for them...

JeansandscarvesWe did it just for YOU...From the well-fitted Lucky Brand jeans to the super stylish Seven jeans, name your favorite brand and it's probably swinging from a rack somewhere in EMERALDS!  More sizes, more styles, more washes...and even though winter isn't exactly turning out to require warm clothes, you can never have too many jeans.  Plus, there is just that 'jean thing'--when you go in a fitting room, slide into a pair of jeans and the voice in your head is steady screaming "Please let them fit, please let them fit!!"  The button snaps, the zipper zips and you, my friend, have found the perfect pair of jeans. Aaaaah. There is no feeling like it because, let's face it, buying jeans is a bitch!!  Maximizing the style selection means there's a better chance on finding the perfect fit for YOU.  Hey, we're all shaped differently; shouldn't our jeans be different too? So, skip lunch today and go get yourself some jeans, and I mean JEANS!--The kind you'll wear until they have holes and'll keep wearing!!

By the way, when you buy a pair of jeans you'll get a free scarf (that's a $10 value)!  Choose from a glamorous selection of silky bright scarves, tie 'em around your waste, neck or put them in your hair!   

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August 11, 2004

Enough with the pink!

pink-topsLet's see--there's Pretty in Pink, Pink Floyd, the Pink Panther, Pink (psuedo punk-pop artist)...suffice to say, plenty revolves around the color pink. And I know, you could possibly getting a little sick of I've got some good news! The week of pink is finally drawing to an end! (sigh) But today you Candy readers can come in for a Sweet tooth sale on all solid pink tops! (yes, I said solid pink) Trust me, there's a ton of pink in the store, so you should have no trouble finding several perfectly pink tanks and shirts to boost your feminine beauty. WHOA! that was an extreme use of the word pink, right?--try this tongue twister on for size!

Pretty Betty Pratt bought big Bing Bridge's pink pick. Big Bing Bridge, bring pretty Betty Pratt that pink pick, pronto!

And here's a few more tongue twisters if you dare!

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July 12, 2004

Summer clearance!!...

on_saleYou just never know when there are gonna be mark-downs here and there around the store...but you can bet there is almost always something on sale. Right now, come in and check out two whole racks of tops and bottoms from $9.95 to $19.95. Guess shirts, Puma tees, Volcom skirts-- all your favorites from summer at prices equally favorable!...

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