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August 19, 2004

Coffe Table books!

coffeetablebooks After purchasing my own furniture, I quickly developed a love for coffee table books. I love for them to be as random as possible. Pictures of dogs, off-beat translations of Italian, 'what if' questions...If you are going to entertain people at your house, whether it is a formal dinner party, or a casual beer bust, there's no doubt that at least for a moment your guests may need to tend to themselves. Interesting coffee table books give them something to do, not to mention that those who don't know each other can find common conversational ground in the books. The only trick is to gather a collection together as interesting and diverse as you. If you collect sun figures, you can bet there is a book of suns; if you are into the zodiac, finding a bright book of signs isn't hard. Your coffee table books can comment on your personality as well as occupy the interest of your guests. Now, that's a super clever party trick worth some investment!!

Serving awe-inducing beverages is always an impressive trick as well!

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