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April 22, 2005

And the handbag of the moment is...

34389meli3hearthobo48 It was once said, to err is human; to accessorize, divine.  Oh, that seldom attainable divinity of so many super stars.  Like Jessica Simpson toting her Louis Vuitton or Hillary Duff with her Fendi...if we all recorded hit songs then we'd all buy high fashion bags.  But my, how the tables have turned.  This time around it doesn't take a bank loan or a platinum album to achieve star quality.  Give yourself some guilt-free red carpet treatment carrying around this year's very hot Melie Bianco Hobo--LC from MtV's Laguna Beach.  MB is a brand Emeralds discovered years ago before anyone knew the trend-setting power of the name.  Unfortunately though, all good things must come to an end and high demand equals price increases.  But now that you're in on the secret, you too can indulge happily without over-indulging.

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December 01, 2004

Fur Purse

Furpurse To all the animal right's activists out there--don't be's not real fur.  This winter faux fur is an absolutely acceptable substitute for the real thing.  But I'm not talking about P. Diddy sporting his metro-sexual full-length Chinchilla coat.  I'm talking about fur as an accessory.  Fur wraps, fur hats, fur purses...if you want to glamorize any outfit, add a little fur.  Unfortunately with the winter months comes colder weather (ideally); and cold weather means lugging big coats around to all the nighttime events.  Boo!  Who wants to cover that slinky sweater and hot tweed mini?  Solution: fur wraps.  Nothing says elegant Audrey Hepburn-style like a fur wrap matching a fur hat matching a fur might as well be sipping martinis with the beauty icon herself!  The bottom line is fur has been around warming the extremities of the stars for years.  But hip faux-furry accessory style has given all of us the chance to flaunt sophisticated winter vogue with the best of them!!      

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November 12, 2004

Handbag Rules of Engagement

Witnerpurse_1 As discussed in a previous post, handbags have been dangling from the female shoulder for years.  The sheer personality of bags strengthens their hold on the fashion world by the season.  As with any trend, widening of appeal means narrowing of 'wearing-regulations'--in other words, the more popular it gets, the more you must attend to the minute but oh-so-important variations in the trend.  Before you begin to second guess your fashion sense, let me assure you, it's not as hard as it sounds.  In fact here are three simple rules to guide you through the winter handbag phase. Rule #1: Size does matter!  Don't be bashful about bearing big bags (that's a mouthful, but the truth).  For, those of you who never can fit everything into your teen-insy purse, salvation is here!! Rule#2: Hardware is happening!  Extra buckles, pockets, studs, leather is absolutely desirable. (Fur is a plus, too.) Rule #3: Never fear the pattern.  Plaid is ok.  Tweed plaid is even better! There you have it--three rules to ease your mind of the handbag hassles.  Most importantly though, follow your instincts.  You know what you want, and what you like...take your own fashion sense and run with it!!

Let's hear from you: I'm a winter-girl myself. But which do you prefer, winter or summer style?

A song for you: "Strang and Beautiful" by Aqualung

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October 14, 2004

Evening bags

Remember playing dress up? Scampering into your mother's closet; draping shiny beads around your neck and wrists; wrapping yourself in one of her silk blouses...and then came the make up, more of which ended up on your hands and the counter than actually on your face. After slipping on a pair of her heels, you'd be ready to play. So as you can see, the ritual starts early. In fact, the whole act of dressing up never quite loosens its grip on us girls. After all, we love fancy shoes, elegant clothes, and (a personal favorite) ornate handbags. Strange how it works, too--I mean, true, yes, that we dress up to attract romantic interest from other people, BUT, aren't there some days when you just dress for you? No special occasions, no love interests, just you lookin' good for you. And that's the way it should be, because no matter how much make up you apply; how many strands of pearls you wear, the only real judge of your beauty is you. But--well, the pearls can't hurt...(wink)

Let's hear from you: What was your favorite dress up ensemble when you were younger?
A song for you: "Memories" by Eisley

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October 04, 2004

The Evolution of Handbags

GuesspurseDooney and Bourke...does anyone remember the 'Dooney craze'? I remember feeling as though my life would end if I could not carry a Dooney to school. Looking back I wonder what was I thinking? The answer lies in the extensive evolution of the so-called Handbag. For years the plaque of the 'perfect purse' has infected women. Is it big enough? Small enough? Leather? Silk? Sequined? Embroidered? If Darwin's theory of evolution includes the explosion of a species into millions of variations then the handbag certainly applies. According to history buffs, the first handbags were painted in the ancient hieroglyphs of the Egyptians. Then, during the Middle Ages, coin purses became symbols of status. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries purses battled with pockets as to which could claim the title of 'most popular carrying device'. In the end the Handbag's ability to mutate rapidly beat out the Pocket and it became and remained one of the most important accessory pieces in history. Now, thanks to (among others) Sex and the City, no female exists that doesn't understand the importance of the Handbag; that little Dooney infatuation is testiment to that. In fact, it's my theory that handbags will soon out-shine even shoes as the most sought after accessory...but--only time will tell.

Check out the Guiness World Record for the largest Handbag.

Let's hear from you: Can you remember your first handbag? Do you think you'll ever own more purses than shoes?
A quote for you: I'm thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It's just a little bag, but we'd feel naked in public without it. --Carrie, Sex and the City

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August 10, 2004

Best-fit handbags

pink-purseYou wouldn't believe how much accessories can save you! Reason: changing up your accessories changes your outfit. For example, expand your belt collection, or your jewelry collection and you have just created new ensembles from the same basic clothes. But there is nothing that can change the entire mood of your dress more than a handbag. A shiny purse has a way of screaming for fine champagne and gourmet food, but a bright funky handbag begs for the pounding beat of the clubs. The handbag should always compliment the situation, you know that, so let that be your rationale for making a few extra splurges. Honestly, you never know what could come up and as far as purses go, it's better to be safe than sorry--and by sorry I mean carrying around a grandma purse on your next hot date!!

An extra sweet treat for you Candy readers--pink purses are 10% off today!!

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