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January 04, 2006

Hook'em Horns!!

Longhornbear At exactly 7:00 tonight, the entire nation will drop everything to witness history in the making... this is no presidential address or 60 Minutes special, no sir.  We're talking the sport of champions -- FOOTBALL!!

For the less sports-minded among us, the Rose Bowl, the mecca of college football, is tonight, featuring our beloved hometown heroes, the Texas Longhorns (and USC, but who really cares about them anyway?).  So cancel all your previous plans and spend tonight cheering the Horns to victory!  If you couldn't make the trip to California to show your support, never fear; there are plenty of places around Austin to kick back and enjoy the game in the comfort of your own city.  The Alamo Drafthouse, The Tavern and Buffalo Billiards, just to name a few, all promise to be prime viewing spaces for the biggest game of the season -- they're definitely a step upwards from beer and pretzels on your couch at home.  So don your burnt orange best, and watch the Trojans meet their untimely end!  Hook'em Horns!!

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November 04, 2005

Plans for the weekend?


When it comes to Death Cab for Cutie, there are a lot of musical labels being thrown around.  To the critics, they're melodic art pop, prog rock, or simply indie darlings -- but all these terms mean nothing to me.  If I had to sum up Death Cab's musical stylings, I would dub them The-Sort-Of-Thing-You'd-Put-On-Your-Stereo-While-Driving-At-Night-With-The-Windows-Down-And-Not-Worrying-About-Tomorrow... rock.  Much more self-explanatory.

The band began as a solo endeavor for Ben Gibbard (whom you may know from his other projects, All-Time Quarterbacks and Postal Service); the band's been releasing albums since 1998, and their popularity just keeps on growing.  Now they're on the road to promote their newest album, Plans, (their debut on a major label) which was released in August of 2005.  And Austin's getting a double-dosage of Death Cab -- they're frontlining the Stubb's stage both Saturday AND Sunday, with Montreal's dream-pop quartet Stars.  So don your scarves and caps and sweaters, and let Death Cab for Cutie lead you through its lyrical loves and losses.  You won't be disappointed.

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October 28, 2005

Austin Haunts

Ghostchild Looking for a good scare this October?  Halloween has a funny way of bringing out the goulish fascinations in all of us, and the Austin area certainly houses its share of the supernatural.  To satisfy this season's need for something spooky, look no further than beyond your front door (although it may be harder to sleep at night!!):

  • Throughout the years, Austin has compiled a full-fledged history of haunting tales.  Austin Ghost Tours offers four tours of downtown Austin, where you can see for yourself the sites of the city's sinister past, littered with serial killers and ghosts at the Driskill, just to name a few.
  • Unfortunately, not every building in comes equipped with its own set of ghosts -- but with a little ingenuity, fabricated phantoms can be just as frightening as the real thing.  Austin boasts an impressive array of haunted houses, including The Nightmare Factory, Anderson Lane's House of Torment, and Haunted Trails at the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.  So suspend your belief (it's really not that hard to get spooked!), and be sure to give your props to those living, breathing workers who are willing to their beating hearts and souls into portraying the undead for our screams of enjoyment.
  • Need a scare but strapped for cash?  Grab your eyeliner and fake blood and take to the streets!  Those creatures who haunt 6th street certainly know how to do Halloween up right.  Half the party is merely showing up to see what crazy costumes we Austinites have come up with this year.  And admit it, some of us don't even need to dress up to be the scariest thing to prowl through town.

Check out these ideas for the perfect getup for Halloween 2005!

(And, we don't mean to sound like your mother, BUT: Have a great, SAFE Halloween!  Don't take candy from strangers!!)

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September 01, 2005

Go Batty!

Batsky Austin's favorite winged mascots, the bats of Congress Avenue, are finally getting the recognition they deserve! BATFEST, the first annual two-day celebration for these creatures of the night.  On September 3-4, the Congress Avenue Bridge will be closed off for the event, which includes live music and entertainment on 2 stages, craft booths and nature displays, activities for the kids, a Celebrity Bat Breakfast on Sunday, North Austin vs. South Austin tug-o-war, remarks from global bat authority, Dr. Merlin Tuttle, and of course, prime seating for the main event -- the bat's emergence at 8:15 pm.  Cheer on the millions of Mexican Free-tail Bats as they fly into the night!  Or just show up for the attractions... we don't think the bats will mind.

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August 16, 2005

We Like Mike


Before the pajama-party court cases, the missing nose, the baby-dangling... that was the Michael we knew (or thought we knew) and loved.  And that is the Michael that should be celebrated!

The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown agrees: they're hosting a MICHAEL JACKSON SINGALONG this Thursday and Sunday, paying tribute to the days where he reigned as the King of Pop.  The lineup features all 18 glorious minutes of Bad, a black Jacko in Rock With You, Black or White (the original, full-length, banned-from-tv version!), and Captain EO (the first showing since Disneyland shut down the attraction), as well as Moonwalk contests and, as Alamo promises, "plenty of opportunities for you to stand up out of your seat and grab your crotch while screaming, 'A hee heeeee!' ".

See the history of Michael's amazing facial transformations!

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July 15, 2005

Magic and Mayhem!

Hp For all you closet Harry Potter fans -- you know who you are! -- anxiously awaiting JK's sixth installment... well, you didn't hear it from us, but if you crave a way to celebrate it's midnight release with a bang, look no further than our neighbors, Austin's own BookPeople, who seem to have a magical obsession of their own with our wand-weilding hero.  With fire dancers, a magician, trivia games and contests, a costume competition, tasty treats a la Amy's Ice Cream, plus a big surprise from the Alamo Drafthouse... this is a party fit for witches and wizards of all sizes!   Books will be handed out at exactly 12:01 a.m., but BookPeople is sure to keep you occupied until that fateful moment.  And yes, I'll admit it -- I can think of no better way to spend my Friday night.

For the more mature Harry Potter enthusiasts: you've seen Harry's cinematic debut, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by now; now see it in a new (and completely hilarious!!) light... Brad Neely's (a comic-book artist from right here in Austin) parody, Wizard People, Dear Reader, is a narration that replaces the movie's original soundtrack (think the Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz combo, The Dark Side of Oz). Warner Bros., may not be exactly thrilled, but we (like Neely) just choose to think of this as an "art form".  Check it out... you won't be disappointed!!

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December 21, 2004

Last chance for lights...

Trailoflights_1 Cruising south down Mopac on a cool night in December comes with a gift.  As you cross Town Lake the twinkle of of lights begins to emerge on the horizon and dance along the water's edge.  It's the famous Zilker Park Trail of Lights!! (click the pic for info) And if you haven't seen it, you must! Snuggle up with your honey and get ready for a mile of lights!  Trees shining from top to bottom, lit scenes of holiday fun; if you've been feeling particularly grinch-y this season, then the trail will certainly conjure the magic of the holidays.  Not to mention that it is a standard dating stop during December.  The trail goes dark on the 23rd so make sure you bundle up and go for a walk soon.  School is out, the kids are restless; treat everyone around you to the joy and wonder offered by thousands of lights.  And maybe, just maybe, if you listen hard under the big tree you'll hear the cheerful chuckle of the big man in the red suit...

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November 08, 2004

Austin Designers on parade!

Fashionshow_1 You asked us to let you know about the latest news in Fashion...well here's a fashion-fabulous event for you.  You know about fashion shows...gobs of super lean men and women strutting up and down a lit runway; their sexy bodies draped in the hottest couture of the season.  It's most likely something you along with every other girl longed to become at least at some point growing up.  Such a glamorous life!!  The only problem with those hip New York shows is, for the greater majority of us, the styles are not only impractical, but monetarily out of our reach as well.  But what if there were local fashion designers who supplied Austin boutiques (like EMERALDS) with equally alluring pieces??  The good news: THERE ARE!! And they will display their work this Wednesday (Nov 10) on the cat walk at Club de Ville (click the pic for info).  Find out the latest trends, and then put your new-found knowledge to use on a fad-celebratory shopping spree!! General admission is $15 and the show benefits the Sustainable Food Center. So not only will you be around the cream of the designer crop in Austin, but it's all for a worthy cause. Socially-conscious style...only in Austin!!   

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October 28, 2004

Halloween Activities

Take a psychotic serial killer, a blow torch, and a hand full of cute, but stupid young kids and what have you got?--You guessed it; the standard recipe for a horror film. Initially it doesn't seem to require much creativity, just look at Urban Legends--c'mon!! But you'd be wrong to ever think that about real horror movies, the classics like Friday the Thirteenth, The Shining; now those are flat out historical. In fact, horror movies come under the scrutiny of an entire horror movie cult and it's these fans that attend to the subtle techniques and tactics of the films. They make no exceptions for pseudo-gore or predictable plots. These happen to be the types of people making the films for the Bloodshots 48 hour Horror Movie Challenge at The Alamo Drafthouse. Intrigued?? Well you should be. Filmmakers entered in the contest have 48 hours to create a quality horror flick; they are assigned a genre and weapon and if that wasn't enough, must include the phrase "I gave blood on Monday" into the plot. Sounds horrific enough and it will be...a body-carving, scream-inducing good time! Tickets are available now and the first screening is Halloween night at 9:45.

Speaking of frightening filmmakers--check out the tragic creations of the King of all things dark!!
Let's hear from you: What's your absolute favorite horror movie??

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October 15, 2004

I don't wanna grow up!

From real life re-makes like Hook, to Disney cartoons, there's no doubt one of the more beloved children's stories will truly never grow old! I suppose it could be because the struggle against 'growing up' stays with all of us forever. The magical story is presented this time, by Ballet Austin this weekend. (click the picture for more info) Elaborate sets and breathtaking choreography will carry your imagination off to Neverland--second star on the right and straight on 'til morning. Prepare to re-live that wonderful sense of childlike awe as Peter, Wendy, Michael and John battle the evil Captain Hook along with help from Tink and the Lost boys. Gather up the family and fly over to Bass Concert Hall this weekend for the show. In the words of Peter Pan find "the place where dreams are born, And time is never planned, It's not on any chart, You must find it with your heart, Never Never Land."

Treat yourself to a little magic--maybe even fly off to an adventure of your own!
Also, you can see the true story of the man behind Peter Pan very soon in theaters!

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