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August 27, 2005

Wood you be mine?


It may seem like there's no escape from this Texas heat (our Heat Index has been reaching 108 degrees!), but never fear -- fall, slowly but surely, is on its way.  Soon we'll be able to stop cowering in the air-conditioning and move outdoors, to bask in that golden glow of autumn.  Celebrate the coming season by bringing the woods into your wardrobe!  The look for fall is au naturale -- deep blues, golds, wines, auburns and olives pulled straight from the natural landscape; choose to accent your outfits with ornaments derived from the elements, like wood, shell, and bold gems.  Bring out your inner earth-mother and start communing with nature!

Bust out the granola and the Peter, Paul and Mary... and celebrate the Autumnal Equinox!

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August 06, 2005

Back to School in Style!

Blogarrific_2For those of you who, like me, braved the malls this tax-free weekend, this should come as no surprise... school is almost in session.  As I watched frazzled mothers dragging their unobliging children into dressing room after dressing room, stuffing them into stiff new jeans and sneakers, I admit I felt a little nostalgic.  I distinctly remember those night-before jitters of my early days, spent laboring over the perfect ensemble to christen the new school year.  Back in elementary school, this usually consisted of a pink jumper with leggings (granted, this was the eighties), complete with my favorite Minnie Mouse necklace and plenty of chunky pink bracelets.  My style has grown significantly since then (I've 86-ed the leggings at least), but on days like today, I long to recapture that pink whimsy of my youth.

Enter Tarina Tarantino.  This is one jewelry designer who never quite grew up - note the hot pink hair - and we love her for it!!  Her designs are the upscale answer to your elementary-age fashion sense; bright, chunky lucite beads in vibrant colors appeal to your inner kid, to the days of My Little Pony and Pretty Pretty Princess.  You'll be the envy of every playground.

See which members of young, hot, and hip Hollywood are wearing Tarina!

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September 02, 2004

Sunglasses GLAM!!

sunglassesSomeone decided a long time ago that sunglasses symbolized class, fame and glamour. I'm not sure how that conclusion was reached but nonetheless, the idea lives on today. Do you recall putting on "shows" when you were little?--Sunglasses were almost always an essential piece of costume for every curtain call. Now sunglasses are more than a fashion statement, they're essential protection for your eyes. True there's nothing more glamorous than lying on soft white sand bronzing your body in the sun...but conversely there's nothing less glamorous than eye wrinkles and bifocals. So, as you're traipsing around campus, remember your shades. They can't exactly help you with mid-terms, but you certainly will turn some heads. And wearing them now will keep your vision intact so you can continue to check out all the hotties behind the tinted glass!...

Hey!! Don't forget to fill out the Category Poll!! What do you want to see more of?!

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