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August 08, 2006

What does your wardrobe say about you?

Istock_000000842138small Whether your favorite hues to use include fire engine red or grassy green, your wardrobe colors reveal small secrets about who you are. 

Some have the compete collection of all of the colors offered by mother earth itself. The browns, tans, and greens fill your closet and you wouldn’t be seen wearing anything with a hint of purple, vibrant red, or bottom of the pool blue. By wearing colors like these, it tells others that you stick to the colors you feel most comfortable in. You live life with a plan. 

Others of us lean more toward employing as many colors of the rainbow as we can possible cram into our closets. Of course dressing with all of this excitement won’t lead you to the land of milk and honey, but it does give others a glimpse into your dreamy side. You love color and you know just how to wear it.  

Typically, a more daring type of lady wears vibrant vesture, and someone more grounded sports earthy attire. Is this true for you?

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