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July 13, 2006

Under the Influence

Istock_000001685548small The ridiculously sizzling sun has been beating down so fiercely on the fair maidens of Texas has proposed a challenge: Create a cool yet fashionable summer.

When you have to leave the beach and the bathing suit behind, your objective is to find distractions from the city’s heat. It’s the light fabrics that keep you coolest. Bjork sings a summer ballad Crying, “it’s a hot day, and I’m dressed lightly”. Of course you want to look nice, but the scorching weather hypnotizes you into wishing you had on a T-shirt and shorts. Why put on more articles of clothing than are necessary?

The simplest way to keep your cool and look hot when the mercury is rising, the staple to any summer wardrobe is the simple summer gown. Convince all passerby’s of your southern belle quality.

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