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January 23, 2006

Emeralds Customer Survey Winner!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Shara Jayne Zigmond, Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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January 16, 2006

Magnetize Me


As the old adage reminds us, it's the inside that counts -- but does that mean we can't accessorize our outsides as well?  Case in point: our beloved refrigerator.  A veritable sea of plenty on the inside (unless it's my fridge, which is all condiments), but a boxy white exterior to match?  Unacceptable.

Your fridge doesn't have to be merely functional; it also serves as the perfect gallery space.  It may have been a few years since you've busted out the crayons and construction paper to create some artwork of your own... maybe it's time to let the magnets do all the work!  These aren't your everyday alphabet magnets; choose from a variety of sets with a sense of humor (we personally prefer the Mullets collection!!).  Pick 'em out and stick 'em wherever you choose.  Plus, the next time you're inexplicably inspired to make a macaroni collage, you'll have something to hang it with!

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January 04, 2006

Hook'em Horns!!

Longhornbear At exactly 7:00 tonight, the entire nation will drop everything to witness history in the making... this is no presidential address or 60 Minutes special, no sir.  We're talking the sport of champions -- FOOTBALL!!

For the less sports-minded among us, the Rose Bowl, the mecca of college football, is tonight, featuring our beloved hometown heroes, the Texas Longhorns (and USC, but who really cares about them anyway?).  So cancel all your previous plans and spend tonight cheering the Horns to victory!  If you couldn't make the trip to California to show your support, never fear; there are plenty of places around Austin to kick back and enjoy the game in the comfort of your own city.  The Alamo Drafthouse, The Tavern and Buffalo Billiards, just to name a few, all promise to be prime viewing spaces for the biggest game of the season -- they're definitely a step upwards from beer and pretzels on your couch at home.  So don your burnt orange best, and watch the Trojans meet their untimely end!  Hook'em Horns!!

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