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November 21, 2005

Saying "Thanks" in Style

10568_001_lg The holiday season is fast approaching... before we're plunged headfirst into that tornado of tinsel, crowded malls and claymation Christmas specials, now is the time to take a deep breath and remember: the tradition of Thanksgiving is, after all, more than merely turkey and football.  It's about giving thanks, showing your appreciation for your friends and family.  And what better way to let them know you care than with a thank-you card!  Even before any gifts are exchanged, hand out a card (on some gorgeous stationary, of course!) with a personalized note to the special people in your life -- even in the midst of holiday stress, they'll be able to take a step back, and remember what the season is really about.

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November 17, 2005

Shoe Sale!!

on_saleDo your feet a favor -- head over to our San Marcos store for shoes priced as low as $5 and $10!!  If this was a tv commercial, we'd throw ripped-up money in the air and show you our "Low Low Low Prices" slogan.  Of course, we're much classier than that, so... we trust that you'll follow your shopping instincts.  Otherwise, we'll have to start looking into infomercials.

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November 04, 2005

History of a Gem


It's a fact -- turquoise never goes out of style.  Even as far back as ancient Egypt, this sky-blue gem has been at the height of fashion.  Across the continents, turquoise has been worn around the neck and wrists as protection from evil spirits, good luck charms, or as balancing symbols of lake and sky. 

Fast-forward to today; we may not buy into the mysticism, but we can still sense what ancient civilizations saw in these stones.  It's smooth blue-green sheen has us hooked -- plus it looks fabulous as a fall accessory!  Which is what the Egyptians really had in mind, anyway.

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Plans for the weekend?


When it comes to Death Cab for Cutie, there are a lot of musical labels being thrown around.  To the critics, they're melodic art pop, prog rock, or simply indie darlings -- but all these terms mean nothing to me.  If I had to sum up Death Cab's musical stylings, I would dub them The-Sort-Of-Thing-You'd-Put-On-Your-Stereo-While-Driving-At-Night-With-The-Windows-Down-And-Not-Worrying-About-Tomorrow... rock.  Much more self-explanatory.

The band began as a solo endeavor for Ben Gibbard (whom you may know from his other projects, All-Time Quarterbacks and Postal Service); the band's been releasing albums since 1998, and their popularity just keeps on growing.  Now they're on the road to promote their newest album, Plans, (their debut on a major label) which was released in August of 2005.  And Austin's getting a double-dosage of Death Cab -- they're frontlining the Stubb's stage both Saturday AND Sunday, with Montreal's dream-pop quartet Stars.  So don your scarves and caps and sweaters, and let Death Cab for Cutie lead you through its lyrical loves and losses.  You won't be disappointed.

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