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February 23, 2005

Survey Winners!!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Keora Norris and Katrina Wells, Emeralds Customer Survey Winners! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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February 21, 2005

Celebrate fashion!

PlentyOscar de la Renta, Gianni Versace, Christian Dior...all names we have come to recognize and desire, for that matter.  It seems the Italians and French are by far, the most represented in the world of fashion design.  However, in honor of Black History Month, a little press on an under-represented group of designers might be good.  Tracy Reese is a Black American fashion designer; and I mean d-e-signer!  Not only does her line, Plenty, ooze feminine trend-power, but even the likes of Oprah has featured her on the show!  So what does it all mean to you?...Well, fashion, like many things, tends to benefit from diversity.  If it was all Italian or all French, we'd all be missing out on some amazing style ideas brought to us by the rest of the world.  So if you think that you don't belong in designer clothing because you're not a 5 foot 10 model with an exotic name, think again.  Nothing could be more open to new ideas.  Thanks to hot new designers like Tracy Reese we'll all continue to look fresh and new in our couture!  And we certainly appreciate it! 

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February 14, 2005

A reason to 'love'...

Vdaysho As I drove to work today listening to the radio talk show hosts prattle on about dinner reservations and spontaneous marriage proposals, it occured to me--I am scowling.  When did I become one of those relationship-hating single women who would rather spend the evening with a good bottle of wine than a man?  And more than that, am I the only one?  Though you will be surrounded by hearts and roses and candy today, some of which may be yours, some of which may belong to the despised girl in the cubicle next to you; the truth is, Valentine's Day packs a punch every year.  If you're single, you hate it. If you're in a relationship it will undoubtedly disappoint the expectations you've spent at least a month building up in your mind.  So, why does this holiday persist?  Well, if nothing else, it's an excuse to shop.  Buy yourself a new dress, new shoes...and in my mind, that is the only good thing about this holiday. It's the perfect reason to splurge on sexy clothes you might never wear again and without a hint of guilt attached.  After all, you're not the one paying for dinner tonight....

If you are truly a lover today...Happy Valentine's Day!!

"Love is the most beautiful of dreams and worst of nightmares." --William Shakespeare

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