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November 23, 2004

Survey Winner!!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Jeanie Hernandez, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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November 22, 2004

You asked for them...

JeansandscarvesWe did it just for YOU...From the well-fitted Lucky Brand jeans to the super stylish Seven jeans, name your favorite brand and it's probably swinging from a rack somewhere in EMERALDS!  More sizes, more styles, more washes...and even though winter isn't exactly turning out to require warm clothes, you can never have too many jeans.  Plus, there is just that 'jean thing'--when you go in a fitting room, slide into a pair of jeans and the voice in your head is steady screaming "Please let them fit, please let them fit!!"  The button snaps, the zipper zips and you, my friend, have found the perfect pair of jeans. Aaaaah. There is no feeling like it because, let's face it, buying jeans is a bitch!!  Maximizing the style selection means there's a better chance on finding the perfect fit for YOU.  Hey, we're all shaped differently; shouldn't our jeans be different too? So, skip lunch today and go get yourself some jeans, and I mean JEANS!--The kind you'll wear until they have holes and'll keep wearing!!

By the way, when you buy a pair of jeans you'll get a free scarf (that's a $10 value)!  Choose from a glamorous selection of silky bright scarves, tie 'em around your waste, neck or put them in your hair!   

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November 17, 2004

Survey Winner!!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Kerry Curtis, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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November 16, 2004

Saying thank you...

Thankscards"What do you say?" the mother quizzes peering down at her little daughter who just received a shiny green balloon monkey from the clown on the street corner.  "Thank you!" the child says excitedly no longer even noticing the clown who created her new toy. 

I remember hearing that repeatedly when I was young.  What do you say?  And now with nieces and nephews, I do the same as my parents; ever enforcing the rules of please and thank you.  And in 1922, a young woman named Emily Post gave us all the rules that govern human interaction in her book Etiquette. However, some people might say that etiquette is dead.  But if you've ever opened a genuine thank you card, or worse, never received a well-deserved gesture of gratuity, then you'll agree manners matter!!  In fact, after King Louis XIV decreed the rules of courtesy punishment for breaking them sometimes resulted in life-long jail sentences!  I don't recommend obsessing that much over formalities, but your friends and family surely appreciate a thank you from time to time.  Most people hear those words so infrequently today, you may even have to explain what you mean!...But truly, you never know how far a little kindness can go...

A quote for you: Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back. -Thomas Sowell

Let's hear from you: What is the rudest thing anyone has ever done to you? (keep it clean please)   

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November 12, 2004

Handbag Rules of Engagement

Witnerpurse_1 As discussed in a previous post, handbags have been dangling from the female shoulder for years.  The sheer personality of bags strengthens their hold on the fashion world by the season.  As with any trend, widening of appeal means narrowing of 'wearing-regulations'--in other words, the more popular it gets, the more you must attend to the minute but oh-so-important variations in the trend.  Before you begin to second guess your fashion sense, let me assure you, it's not as hard as it sounds.  In fact here are three simple rules to guide you through the winter handbag phase. Rule #1: Size does matter!  Don't be bashful about bearing big bags (that's a mouthful, but the truth).  For, those of you who never can fit everything into your teen-insy purse, salvation is here!! Rule#2: Hardware is happening!  Extra buckles, pockets, studs, leather is absolutely desirable. (Fur is a plus, too.) Rule #3: Never fear the pattern.  Plaid is ok.  Tweed plaid is even better! There you have it--three rules to ease your mind of the handbag hassles.  Most importantly though, follow your instincts.  You know what you want, and what you like...take your own fashion sense and run with it!!

Let's hear from you: I'm a winter-girl myself. But which do you prefer, winter or summer style?

A song for you: "Strang and Beautiful" by Aqualung

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November 10, 2004

Cat lovers unite!


When did the idea of a "cat person" begin?  I've seen personality tests that included the question "Are you a cat person or a dog person?" Are the two really so mutually exclusive?  I don't have the answers, but I do know that I am NOT a cat person (whatever that truly means).  But it's fascinating that I can say I'm not a cat person, and you'll probably understand perfectly what I mean and what that fact means about me.  If you're a cat person, obviously you love cats, and most likely cherish them as your companions.  If you're a cat person, you prefer cats to dogs.  If you're a cat person, you tend to value organization and cleanliness...??  Is that how it works?  Although you may or may not be a member of the 'cat people club' the truth is, everyone loves to dote.  Whether it's human or feline family, showing affection is as instinctive as scratching an itch.  So there's nothing wrong with a cat frame or magnet here and there.  If you are a 'cat person' embrace the title with pride and confidence.  Show you're cat devotion!  After all, even though they selectively choose when to notice you, you can at least let all the humans know that cats are purrr-fect!!   

Check out these fantastice feline facts! And find out if you really are a cat person... (if you actually do any of the things listed, please, tell us all about it!!)

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November 09, 2004

Survey Winner!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Sherri Purdy, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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November 08, 2004

Austin Designers on parade!

Fashionshow_1 You asked us to let you know about the latest news in Fashion...well here's a fashion-fabulous event for you.  You know about fashion shows...gobs of super lean men and women strutting up and down a lit runway; their sexy bodies draped in the hottest couture of the season.  It's most likely something you along with every other girl longed to become at least at some point growing up.  Such a glamorous life!!  The only problem with those hip New York shows is, for the greater majority of us, the styles are not only impractical, but monetarily out of our reach as well.  But what if there were local fashion designers who supplied Austin boutiques (like EMERALDS) with equally alluring pieces??  The good news: THERE ARE!! And they will display their work this Wednesday (Nov 10) on the cat walk at Club de Ville (click the pic for info).  Find out the latest trends, and then put your new-found knowledge to use on a fad-celebratory shopping spree!! General admission is $15 and the show benefits the Sustainable Food Center. So not only will you be around the cream of the designer crop in Austin, but it's all for a worthy cause. Socially-conscious style...only in Austin!!   

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November 03, 2004

Sweet Tooth is back!!

It's been a while hasn't it?? But it's time to bring back the sales!! Today through Sunday you can take $10 off ANY HANDBAG (over $20) in the store. What?? Did I hear that right?! Yes, you certainly did. Whether you are celebrating the elections or mourning them, shopping works for both. All the colors, all the materials, all the styles of purses you could imagine, ripe for the buying at EMERALDS. And you've got until Sunday to pick one (or four) out for yourself. Handbags make great gifts too, don't forget about your friends! So, swing by EMERALDS on your way home from work this week and exercise your right to shop for bargain bags!!

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November 02, 2004

Survey Winner!!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Naomi Tilton, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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