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October 29, 2004

Ghoulish Garnish

MonstercandleGrowing up, my mother adored decorations; for every holiday, for every occasion. And Halloween runs a very close second after Christmas in the decorating race. Cob webs in the corners (some of which may have already been there), ghosts swinging from the bare tree branches and, for the best effect, dry ice anyone?--you've got to love a holiday in which terrifying others ranks number one on the to do list. And if the home decor isn't terrorizing your visitors then it's, at the very least, summoning a few grins. Speaking of summoning, conversing with the spirits is always a popular activity on the 31st. In fact, the holiday dates back 2,000 years to the Celts who believed that the day between Harvest and Winter the world of spirits merged with that of the living. Later, of course, the Roman Catholic church renamed the date--All Hallows Eve...the night before All Saints day. So, make sure you've got all your spirits in order (the scary ones and the consumable ones..wink) and turn your house into the creepiest place on the block. Because with all the ghoulish garnish and frightening stories, the most obvious activity of all is to PARTY!!

Read about Halloween for yourself...and get over to EMERALDS to stock up on decorations!!

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October 28, 2004

Halloween Activities

Take a psychotic serial killer, a blow torch, and a hand full of cute, but stupid young kids and what have you got?--You guessed it; the standard recipe for a horror film. Initially it doesn't seem to require much creativity, just look at Urban Legends--c'mon!! But you'd be wrong to ever think that about real horror movies, the classics like Friday the Thirteenth, The Shining; now those are flat out historical. In fact, horror movies come under the scrutiny of an entire horror movie cult and it's these fans that attend to the subtle techniques and tactics of the films. They make no exceptions for pseudo-gore or predictable plots. These happen to be the types of people making the films for the Bloodshots 48 hour Horror Movie Challenge at The Alamo Drafthouse. Intrigued?? Well you should be. Filmmakers entered in the contest have 48 hours to create a quality horror flick; they are assigned a genre and weapon and if that wasn't enough, must include the phrase "I gave blood on Monday" into the plot. Sounds horrific enough and it will be...a body-carving, scream-inducing good time! Tickets are available now and the first screening is Halloween night at 9:45.

Speaking of frightening filmmakers--check out the tragic creations of the King of all things dark!!
Let's hear from you: What's your absolute favorite horror movie??

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October 26, 2004

Monster Fashion

Monsters No doubt the vampires, witches, zombies and monsters are all getting their affairs in order for the big night! It's time again for the jeepers of the creepers to make their way out for a night of chills and thrills. But I'm sure the burning question on the mind of every goblin and ghoul out here--What the hell am I gonna wear?? It seems Halloween has turned into the world's largest most freakish fashion show. Except instead of featuring Versace and Armani we'll be seeing the latest contributions from a little unknown designer called the local costume shop. You're sure to witness a wicked display of all the favorites including the dramatic Elvira black gown, and the stylishly tattered linens of the Mummy outfit. However, of all the favorites I tend to advocate the classic Monster. A can of paint, a few pillows and mask later, and you're suddenly transformed into the oldest fright in town. It's a great guise because it offers a range of personalized options--three horns, twelve eyes, a tail--whatever your mood is; the Monster can tailor to it. Not to mention that the monster has been spooking the tar out of humans almost as long as ghosts. King Kong ring any bells?...

Still haven't settled on a costume? Here are some ideas!
Let's hear from you: What are some of your ideas for Halloween costumes??
A song for you: One of the best Halloween songs ever!! Michael Jackson's Thriller

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October 25, 2004

Survey Winner!!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Valarie Campbell, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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October 22, 2004

Fashion advice from Dorothy?...

How can a shoe be so trendy? These ostentatious stilettos represent two key elements of footwear fashion. First, it's all about the shine. That's right; Dorothy and her Ruby Slippers would be a big hit! The heels you pegged as gaudy last year are seeking their revenge. And here's the best part...the glamorous shimmer isn't reserved for nightlife only. In fact, it seems that flashy fabrics cover every style of shoe from comfy slides to high-end boots. Look out for reflective patent leather, silvers, golds...if it appeals to your mammalian instinct for shiny objects, then you should definitely wear it. Second, texture rules all. It's not every day that our tactile senses receive such attention, but designers found a way to incorporate feeling into every part of shoe vogue. If you find yourself resisting the urge to touch, then put it on your feet! And don't think that these two fashion factors only apply to shoes. Oh no, all of style right now is instinctive, unique and mixture-friendly. So slide your little feet into a pair of glistening pumps, tap your heels together three times and say--well, on second thought, don't tap your heels, you wouldn't want to scuff up that fabulous fabric!!

Here's the real deal!
Let's hear from you: What is your favorite fall footwear style? What is your least favorite fall footwear style?
A quote for you: You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. -Forrest Gump

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October 20, 2004

Survey Winner!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Julie Espinosa, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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October 19, 2004

Is soap so simple?...

There are many things in life that we all take for granted. From pillows to socks, everyone overlooks the very basics en lieu of the spectacular. However, where would you be without pillows? And how badly would your feet smell without socks? It all comes back to that old adage 'you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.' But sometimes, you don't know what you don't got, until you've got something better. Let me explain. Take soap for example--very important. We need it to keep our bodies clean, and, in flu season, we need it to stay healthy. And it's true, anti-bacterial soap doesn't require much thought--grab a bottle of Dial and you're good to go. But what if there was something better? One of the great things about EMERALDS is we like to take the basics, throw in a few twists and give you a unique variation on the other end. Soap is a basic, but I guarantee if you give something other than 'the typicals' a chance, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Yes, there are other soaps out there...better soaps. And once you go handmade--you'll never go back. Introduce something better into your life and, believe me--you'll know what you got and you'll never take it for granted again.

If you have any doubts, just check out the ingredients of your regular soap compared to those of handmade soap...I rest my case!

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October 15, 2004

I don't wanna grow up!

From real life re-makes like Hook, to Disney cartoons, there's no doubt one of the more beloved children's stories will truly never grow old! I suppose it could be because the struggle against 'growing up' stays with all of us forever. The magical story is presented this time, by Ballet Austin this weekend. (click the picture for more info) Elaborate sets and breathtaking choreography will carry your imagination off to Neverland--second star on the right and straight on 'til morning. Prepare to re-live that wonderful sense of childlike awe as Peter, Wendy, Michael and John battle the evil Captain Hook along with help from Tink and the Lost boys. Gather up the family and fly over to Bass Concert Hall this weekend for the show. In the words of Peter Pan find "the place where dreams are born, And time is never planned, It's not on any chart, You must find it with your heart, Never Never Land."

Treat yourself to a little magic--maybe even fly off to an adventure of your own!
Also, you can see the true story of the man behind Peter Pan very soon in theaters!

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October 14, 2004

Evening bags

Remember playing dress up? Scampering into your mother's closet; draping shiny beads around your neck and wrists; wrapping yourself in one of her silk blouses...and then came the make up, more of which ended up on your hands and the counter than actually on your face. After slipping on a pair of her heels, you'd be ready to play. So as you can see, the ritual starts early. In fact, the whole act of dressing up never quite loosens its grip on us girls. After all, we love fancy shoes, elegant clothes, and (a personal favorite) ornate handbags. Strange how it works, too--I mean, true, yes, that we dress up to attract romantic interest from other people, BUT, aren't there some days when you just dress for you? No special occasions, no love interests, just you lookin' good for you. And that's the way it should be, because no matter how much make up you apply; how many strands of pearls you wear, the only real judge of your beauty is you. But--well, the pearls can't hurt...(wink)

Let's hear from you: What was your favorite dress up ensemble when you were younger?
A song for you: "Memories" by Eisley

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October 12, 2004

Survey Winner!!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Kasey Garcia, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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