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September 30, 2004

What is 'hip' anyway??

I propose that there is no such thing as 'latest fashion'. Bear with me on this...Take these shoes. The ones on the right are from--can you guess...the late 1800s! That's over a hundred year old style. The shoes on the left are new for the fall. In fact, the whole jeweled slipper trend began a very long time ago in China, or at least, that's what they say. But honestly, who knows? Or maybe a better question is, does it really matter? If, as we all hopefully believe, fashion design is an art that requires creativity...AND Art is an ongoing process, always building on the old to create the new; then it's okay that new fads mimic old trends. It's good for you because vintage stores can always lend a hand (or a garment) to your wardrobe here and there. Plus, you can always grab something from that box labeled 'old clothes', put it on and call it trendy, that is, if you can still fit it...but I wouldn't recommend it. Best to leave the fashion-setting to the professionals...

Let's hear from you: What is your favorite fashion from the past year? What trend did you absolutely hate from this past year? (Click on 'Comment' below and tell everyone what you think!)
A song for you: Suzanne Vega's "Caramel" (it's on the "Closer" trailer)

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Survey Winner!!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Liz Bullington, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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September 28, 2004

Wash your sins away

Washsinsaway And what did you do this weekend?? Was is something naughty? If so (and I certainly hope so) then fear not, redemption is in sight. For all the dirty fun that you may have entered into this past weekend Wash Your Sins Away Body Wash is the answer. Still feeling guilty? problem. The procedure is simple. Step into the shower, apply a small (or large, depending on how much trouble we're talking about) amount of Wash Your Sins Away Body Wash to a wash cloth, agitate until the wash becomes frothy sin-clearing bubbles and apply all over the body. Rinse and repeat as much as necessary. And can step out of the bathroom free of fault and shame. The best part: you can always do it all over again next weekend!...(wink)

Let's hear from you: What are some of your naughty weekend stories...who out there had a little too much fun this past weekend?? (Oh, and try to keep a reasonable level of cleanliness...)

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September 24, 2004

Recipe of Jewels

You're a big fan of jewelry, right? Every woman must, at least to certain extent, be a big fan of jewelry. Maybe it's partly primal...honestly, if guys can get off over fast cars then why can't women adore shiny jewels. There's nothing shallow about it; it's a simple fact. Hot fashion deserves hot accessories, and hot accessories include bracelets, neclaces and rings that positively sizzle. However, I am under the distinct impression that women can be a tad shy when it comes to jewelry. How many times have you thought "Oh my god, I love those earrings, BUT I could never pull them off." This is where the problem arises. I could never pull that off--what does that mean anyway. You can pull off any fashion that you deem worthy to wear, ladies. Because style is 9 parts confidence and 1 part taste...believe it!! So whether it's an extra long necklace or extra large earrings--the rule is, if you love it then you'll be loved in it!!

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September 23, 2004

Survey Winner!!

survey_winnerCongratulations to Rachael Bender, this week's Emeralds Customer Survey Winner! Spend your 50 bucks wisely!

And for all the rest of you Emeralds Shoppers... feeling lucky? Take the survey, cross your fingers, and win 50 bucks a week! Yes, it is that easy.

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September 22, 2004

Beat the mood swings!!

Do your emotions ever short circuit? Suddenly you're crying and you don't know why? Or (and this seems to be my personal favorite) you're yelling at your significant other for no particular reason? Being a girl is great, but not when insanity seems to creep up and smack you over the head. Having just gone through a few days of psychotic behavior myself, I've decided to go over a few things to help pull all us women through the emotional chaos.
1. Exercise. Suggestion: punch a heavy bag--nothing gets out extra aggression and tension better than beating the tar out of a soft, semi-immobile object.
2. Take a hot bath. You know--it's not the first time I've discussed the amazing calming power of a hot tub of bubbles.
3. Listen to good music. And put it on repeat. You've got songs that make you smile, or make your heart beat faster; as long as they make you feel better, play them over and over.
4. Eat good food, and I'm talkin' about all the stuff they tell you not to eat--EAT IT and don't feel guilty.
5. Go shopping. This one's tricky because depending on the mood it could shop according to your mood. If you're feeling 'ugly' shop for CDs, if you're feeling emotional shop for shoes, etc.

So, there you have it...advice on how to tame the least for a while--cause the bottom line is: psychotic behavior is a woman's prerogative, right?!!
Oh, and I almost forgot...don't ever forget to laugh! (watch the videos!)

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September 21, 2004

Yet another Sweet tooth sale!

Let's see, winter is approaching...cooler weather, nightfall comes earlier and it is, I must say, the best time of the year for candles. That means you should stock up on sweetly scented candles because although the flame may be small, there's something about a candle-lit room that just warms you up...not to mention the whole romantic factor which is always a good way to 'warm up' (wink!!)--Getting to the point; for all you CANDY readers this week your Sweet Tooth sale is 15% off all candles!! Get yourself over to Emeralds, pick out some savory candles and don't forget to mention how much you love CANDY, give the girls your email address, and just like that you'll get 15% off!!
Oh and if you are looking for some extra romance, you can always grab some sultry massage doesn't get much hotter than that!!

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September 17, 2004

Don't forget!!

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day for all you Candy readers to take 10% off all our baby stuff. Gentle baby soaps, baby t-shirts, baby socks...all 10% off when you mention CANDY and give us your email address. And hey, if there are no babies in your life right now you can still take advantage of the sale because you never know when the stork might pay a little visit to you or a friend...and you'll be prepared! Besides, you may find something fabulous for yourself in the store anyway and that's always a pleasant perk, right?...

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September 16, 2004

It's finally here!!...

Ladies and's time!...Time for one of the biggest music events in the south...It's time for the Austin City Limits Music Festival!! If you live anywhere within earshot of an Austin radio station you should know all about the festival. Over one hundred artists, for three days, playing on about seven stages, outdoors at Zilker's really going to be something!! Everyone who is anyone will be there, including lots of out-of-towners, and probably loads and loads of groupies. What does it all mean?...Well, in a nutshell, it means that Zilker park is the place to be this weekend. On top of the fact that there'll be a incredibly diverse number of musical acts, there will be food, drinks, and fashion--because, let's face it, it would be enough fun to just sit and people watch at this gig; people can wear some pretty strange things. All that said, forget about any conflicting plans you might've made for this weekend and get over to the Austin City Limits Music festival. (For more info, click on the ACL fest icon)
And as if I could make things any easier on you--I've put together a little ACL care kit.

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September 15, 2004

These boots were made for...YOU!!

Anything goes this fall! Isn't it exciting?! Dark colors, bright colors, sequins, tights--mix it all together and you've got the hang of how to dress this fall. But the best thing about fall fashion (or any fashion for that matter) is shoes...namely BOOTS! Wearing a pair of high heeled boots is like instantly claiming your womanhood--it's immediate sex appeal! And with dress boots you can wear the boot to fit your style. In other words, pull your pants over them and you've got heels that happen to keep part of your leg warm; tuck your pants into the boots and you'll definitely be the hippest girl on the block; throw on a short skirt and you'll have the sexiest legs around!--You just can't go wrong with a great pair of fashion boots! They're a spicy staple for every wardrobe. So, if you're not big on the dark-and-drab-colors-only fashion typical of the fall...well my friend these next few months are all for you! And if the clothes don't work out for you, well, at least your hair gets a break from the humidity, right!?

Here's a small piece of the funky new fall fashions! Exciting, huh?!

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