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August 10, 2004

Best-fit handbags

pink-purseYou wouldn't believe how much accessories can save you! Reason: changing up your accessories changes your outfit. For example, expand your belt collection, or your jewelry collection and you have just created new ensembles from the same basic clothes. But there is nothing that can change the entire mood of your dress more than a handbag. A shiny purse has a way of screaming for fine champagne and gourmet food, but a bright funky handbag begs for the pounding beat of the clubs. The handbag should always compliment the situation, you know that, so let that be your rationale for making a few extra splurges. Honestly, you never know what could come up and as far as purses go, it's better to be safe than sorry--and by sorry I mean carrying around a grandma purse on your next hot date!!

An extra sweet treat for you Candy readers--pink purses are 10% off today!!

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