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August 11, 2004

Enough with the pink!

pink-topsLet's see--there's Pretty in Pink, Pink Floyd, the Pink Panther, Pink (psuedo punk-pop artist)...suffice to say, plenty revolves around the color pink. And I know, you could possibly getting a little sick of I've got some good news! The week of pink is finally drawing to an end! (sigh) But today you Candy readers can come in for a Sweet tooth sale on all solid pink tops! (yes, I said solid pink) Trust me, there's a ton of pink in the store, so you should have no trouble finding several perfectly pink tanks and shirts to boost your feminine beauty. WHOA! that was an extreme use of the word pink, right?--try this tongue twister on for size!

Pretty Betty Pratt bought big Bing Bridge's pink pick. Big Bing Bridge, bring pretty Betty Pratt that pink pick, pronto!

And here's a few more tongue twisters if you dare!

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