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July 30, 2004

Secret scented sachets

martinbarnettYou invite friends over to your house for drinks, the only problem is--two cats and a litter box; which unfortunately permeates the air with an all too recognizable and very unpleasant smell. Candles are an option, yes, but they can add heat to an already stuffy house. Plug in air fresheners are an option, yes, but there's nothing attractive about plastic cartridges protruding from every outlet. And we won't even discuss how sneeze-inducing spray fresheners can be. What's left?...These satchets, that's what!! Graceful and refined, the softly petal-ed flowers are an elegant and secret weapon against odor. And the best part is, as your guests inhale the soothing aroma of lavender, they can admire the brightly colored flowers placed ever-so strategically around your home. Easy on the nose and easier on the clever!

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July 29, 2004

Wouldn't it be lov-ely?...

It's nice to see that gold is back, isn't it? 41306DYD_MDNot that I missed in the least bit the gaudy shiny gold accessories which I am embarrassed to say I still own...but this new gold is so different--so antiquated. Almost Victorian, it's a throw back to the prim and proper enchantment of the days when women wore the most lucious gowns and men were still chivalrous. Remember when Titanic came out; every girl raved about the red dress Kate Winslet wore in her 'almost suicide' scene. This season's gold is reminiscent of a time when everything was extravagant but mannerly, elegant but demure. There is something classy and refined about gold this summer--the slightest gold chain touched by the most gentle amount of color. It is My Fair Lady in grandeur but Sense and Sensibility in politeness. Finally a chance for you to look like the classic beauty that you truly are...

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July 28, 2004

Anyone hungry?...

This is the time when I wish you had a scratch-n-sniff screen! If you did smell this you might be tempted to take a bite out of your computer...oh yes, it is that scrumptious! It's's will be showing off extra amounts of bronzed slather yourself from head to toe in the ButtercreamBodyButtersense-teasing, hunger-inducing sweet smell of Buttercream!! Grandma's-fresh-baked-cookie smell is some how captured in this luxurious lotion which will have that certain someone wanting to take a bite out of you. To top it off, moisturizing Shea butter, and the anti-oxidant Macadamia nut oil promise to give your skin the richness of its ravishing scent. Like a honey bee to the honey hive, everyone will ask you Whaaat are you weeearing!! With a knowing smile you will nonchalantly reply, "Oh just some ol' lotion I had laying around." It'll be your little secret to success!

Impress your friends with cookies that smell just like you!!

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July 27, 2004

Let them drink wine...

WineMoneyPicture this: you're lounging on your couch alongside two of your best girl friends solving all that's wrong in the world. Periodically, you reach down and wrap your fingers around the cool slender stem of a wine glass. Amidst the "uh-huh's" and "I know's" you lift the glass to your lips and take a small sip, drinking in the smooth aromatic flavor of good red wine. A night with the girls, and a bottle of wine...what could be more perfect? (Two bottles?) Who knows when you went from wine coolers to wine, but you'll certainly never look back. Wine is just too classy and wonderful, but...not always so cheap. And you can't expect to ponder life's questions while drinking beer!...Solution: this uber-clever little change collector. It goes like this: gas for the car-change for the wine bank, groceries for the fridge-change for the wine bank...and before you know it, you've collected enough money for a nice bottle of wine...The most important ingredient in every ladies night.

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July 26, 2004

Variations on a Chandelier

chandaleir_earring2Chandelier earrings--they came, they saw, they most definitely conquered the fashion scene. And we love them! They are elegant, glamorous, feminine...everything you need to turn heads. But, fashions come and go, and there are some you hate to see leave (others you may send off with a gracious farewell...hammer pants ring a bell?) Here's the good news...Chandelier earrings haven't gone anywhere--BUT, instead they're evolving with the that is perfect style! They aren't the same earrings you remember, they might dangle lower or wider, they might be symmetrical or asymmetrical, but the basic concept is the same--elegance, glamour and femininity. And those three timeless notions will never change...because all three come from YOU!

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July 23, 2004

The laughing bug

smagnasam_plaqueIt is the best: laughing so hard with friends that your belly aches, your sides split and your cheeks are streaked with tears. Can you imagine life without laughter? Well here's an interesting fact; in 1962 there was actually a laughter epidemic in Tanganyika. Who knows where that is, but still, can't you just picture it? They actually had to close the schools the contagion spread so widely. Six months of giggling...whoa, now that's an ab work out! But it's true, a day without laughter is a day wasted, because we all love to laugh. Tons of these cheerful little plaques feature life's more veritable phrases. But between this plaque and an epidemic, laughing takes on a whole new meaning!...

Interested? Check out the whole article on laughter!

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July 22, 2004

For the boys...

bowl--chicks-dig-youAw, isn't he so cute when he tries to act like he has all the answers? Men can be quite silly when it comes to knowledge and control. Sometimes it's best just to let him think he's right...guys love that! Because honestly, there are some things he can never understand, so really it can't hurt to let him think he does. "Sure baby, you were right." "I know, honey, you knew it before I did." "Of course you are the best!" But, you don't want to rev up his ego all the time...just let his cereal bowl do some of the dirty work! It's everything he needs in the morning--a big bowl of breakfast and a few esteem building compliments. Hey, whatever makes your job easier, right?

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July 21, 2004

Did someone say Shoe Sale?!

on_saleWell get ready for this one...SHOE SALES are going on right now!! Several styles are marked down, some to as low as $19.95! And these aren't just plastic flip flops, I'm talkin' designers like Steve Madden, Esprit, Soda and Bebe; the shoes you've been wanting all summer are finally on SALE!

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July 20, 2004

Where are the bowling shoes?

deiselshoesThose sneaky bowling shoes...they are here one minute and the next seem to vanish from the forefront of the fashion world. What has become of them? Well never fear, they are still out there and hotter than ever. Now it's more the basic bowling shoe style with a twist of sport and a dash of color. Think retro. Think vintage. But more importantly, think comfort! The problem with fashion, especially for girls, is it can be so freakin uncomfortable. Well, ladies, you finally have a highly chic style and, thank heavens, comfort. They'll look fantastic with your cotton ruffled skirt, or your favorite jeans--with your shortest shorts, or your comfy capris. Sporty, swanky and splashed with color...that bowls a perfect strike every time.

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July 19, 2004

Fotos 2 Go

This is a dynamite gift idea!! With a Velcro enclosure on one side and a terrific design on the front cover, this little mail-able photo album makes it lots more fun to send pics to friends. And by more fun, I mean way more nifty than sending them via email. fotos2goSure digital pictures are easy and fast, but slightly impersonal too. This way, the pictures really feel more like a gift than a business transaction. And the artful atypical cover-designs offer you an excellent tailoring option for the gift. So next time you're out for a friend's birthday, clubbin and partyin, snap some photos, drop 'em at the photo lab, slip them into this inexpensive scrapbook and give them as a little after-birthday gift. This way you can actually witness your buddy's bliss rather than clicking send and always wondering...

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