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June 30, 2004

The Hype of the Heel

Shoes...particularly Heels...Judging by the blisters on your feet and the soreness in your calves you have been wearing Heels. But like they always say, Pain is Beauty...hmmm let's see 'them' spend a night out in four to six inch heels drinking martinis and dancing! But elongated sexy legs, being kiss-ably tall, and hearing that confidence-inducing phrase "I love your shoes!"...that's good stuff! So you constantly have the urge to buy every pair of heels possible, but unfortunately the bank says no. Well, a highlight this season is the revival of the standard heel. Not so much a revival as a new awareness of how versatile and flirtatious they are. With this standard heel, you can dress up, dress down, dress conservative, dress shoe will cover all your bases. The trend has caught on at EMERALDS and you can purchase your own provocative pair in several seducing colors...namely the hottest of the hot pink! Of course all shoes are fabulous, but none to be worn in so many scenarios as these. So--slip on your lowest low-rise pair of jeans, the ones that show off that hourglass figure of yours; pick out a slinky slip of a top and pop on your new pair of hip heels and you are ready for the night!

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June 28, 2004


Congratulations to EMERALD's shoppers Lauren of Austin and Kasey of San Marcos! They are this week's winners of EMERALDS online Customer Survey $100 Gift Certificate Give Away! (Say that three times fast). A big thank you for participating girls! Enjoy.

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June 24, 2004

Lip Service

queenbalmSummer is upon us. At last it is safe to abandon your tanning beds, abolish your spray on tans and cast aside the creams. Step out and enjoy the penetrating rays of the natural sun. Golden-skinned, pearls of moisture suspended upon the curves of your body... you are beautiful. Boyfriend rests easily beside you, himself bronzed from the sun. The grandfather of all kisses seems imminent... if your lips weren't parched as the Sahara Desert! Next time, remember to bring along Blue Q's Queen Lip Balm. Non Petroleum, bubbly-based balm with a hint of strawberry. SPF 18. The golden cap will even match your golden skin.

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H20Almonds and pistachios are the only nuts mentioned in the Bible. (side snicker: we know that's not true!) No. Really. Almonds and pistachios are the only nuts mentioned in the Bible. It's a fact. And we all know ambrosia is the food of the gods. Hmmm... I wonder if the good folks at H2O knew that when they put together this aromatic little bath trio. Cuz I'm not really into long, hot baths, but in the dutiful name of product research, I steeled myself and crawled into a steamy tub of sweet almond extract and richly shimmering ambrosia. And let me tell you, it was better than manna from heaven, folks. I stepped out of that bath feeling fresh as an almond blossom and giddy as God on Creation Day. I highly recommend it.

Set Includes: Almond-Ambrosia Shower and Bath Gel (8 fl oz), Almond-Ambrosia Shimmering Body Souffle (8 fl oz), Almond-Ambrosia Decadent Bath Pearls (9.8 oz)

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Say it with Sparkle

sweenySo. Hallmark cards are a dime a dozen and Shoebox Greetings really ought to just stay in the shoebox. Granted, every now and again I'll pick up a card from aforementioned greeting card corporate giants and unwittingly emit a chortle. But it's like watching Fox Television. No brainers. Not a lot of sparkle. Jenny Sweeney, now, there's some sparkle! Dainty little flowers, critters, stars and curlicues are the essence of this whimsical line of paper essentials. One of my personal favorites, a pint-sized paper pad, features a little queen bee, smiling through her halo of glitter. It's Good to Be Queen reads the caption in cute, curly little letters. So simple. I could do this. But I won't. And why should I? I've got Jenny Sweeney to do it for me.

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June 23, 2004

Say it with Sparkle


With a dash of sparkle & a pinch of shine Jenny Sweeney Designs creates one-of-a-kind paper essentials—invitations, greetings cards, stationery, announcements and notepads!

I went traipsing out into the heat this afternoon to pick up my mail. Down the stairs, up the stairs, into the steamy mailbox room. Insert key...deep breath...anticipation...swing open the door and.....NOTHIN'! Big ol' empty nothin'! Isn't that the most disappointing feeling?'s the let down after the hopeful build! If it has happened to you repeatedly over the past few years, and you've noticed that it is getting worse, don't worry, you're not alone--it's the empty mailbox syndrome...

No one seems to be getting letter-mail these days. I am willing to assert a couple of possible causes--the first one being email. But do you ever noticed that for some reason that disappointed feeling isn't so strong with email. More than that, the absolute ecstatic feeling you get when you actually do find a sweet little envelope inside your lonely mail box can't even hold a candle to the daily ritual of receiving email...Neat, an email, whoopee...
Reason number two--not enough incentive to send cards in the mail. Hallmark, Shoebox...of course we love those little cards, but they can sometimes feel a little...umm corporate. And you want a card that will dazzle as well as express a little piece of your own personality. Something that is special not just because of what you write in it, but because your friend isn't likely to stumble across the same card in the local pharmacy. Jenny Sweeney is the perfect reason to send a card because, let's face it; the simple shine of her designs would brighten anyone's day. You'd be surprised how much a little 'hello' could mean to someone, especially in the written form...and who knows, maybe next time you head over to your mailbox with that hopeful knot in your stomach you'll find a perfect little note on a perfect little card--just for YOU! And the days of the empty mailbox syndrome will end with that one delightful little 'hello'...

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June 21, 2004

Shopper girls ARE strong!

To those of you who don't know me...I can say this. I am a girl. I live in this fast paced, often male dominated world too, and I have opinions about everything just like you! I live in Austin Texas and was priveledged to grow up with a mother who never stopped teaching me about the world...but more importantly and, more relevant to our purposes here, I was priveledged to grow up with a mother and sister who loved to shop just like me. And what, may I ask, is so shameful about that. I have maxed out my share of credit cards, and bounced a bucket load of checks, but all in the name of fashion, right. BUT I am not a style-snob (well, not all the time) and I am not some crazy shopping fool who obsesses over wearing the latest name brand fashion. I have a healthy love of clothes and shoes and make up just like all of you. So many times girls who love clothes are made out to seem shallow and self-involved, but there is a difference between needing to look good and wanting to look good; there is a difference between living to shop and loving to shop. I like to think that, like you, I have my feet planted firmly on the ground and I can recognize when it's time to shop and when it's time to stop. So don't let anyone ever pin you down as a pink-wearing, clueless shop-aholic who has no will power. Because today, powerful women are popping up all over the place, and they can all shop with the best of us and still find time to run multi-million dollar companies. Be proud to shop, because you know your limits (most of the time), because you know what you want, because you have a unique sense of yourself that you express in every possible way...and that, my friend, makes you BEAUTIFUL!

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blog_picThere once was a quiet girl who wandered into a deep mystical forest. As she walked the air around her thickened as if she had to swim through it. But something compelled her to continue on her voyage. There was a sweet scent drifting through the heavy air that pulled the girl onward. She knew as she went that she was leaving behind everything that was wrong in her life. Even as she thought this to herself, the scent danced around her and lead her faster forward. Finally the weight of the air lifted as the trees cleared to reveal a silvery pool of clear water. Flowers of light bloomed all around the pool, their warmth reflected in a million sparkles on the surface of the water. There was absolutely no denying the simple perfect beauty of this wonderous place. The girl, curious at first, circled around the pool taking in the divine scent of the air and wondering how she was chosen to end up in this heavenly place. Had she been dreaming? Was there some inner-calling that carried her off to this magical place? Suddenly, she knew. She knew everything. She understood for the first time that everything was indeed going to be ok. That her own internal strength had built this place and, in this place, she could find solace and introspection...a picture of her own life through her own eyes. And the smell, that glorious scent spilling over the edges of the water and filling the air. The girl stepped down into the pool and at once felt a soothing peace crawling up her body. She lowered herself down into the water and sunk deep into a cradle of warmth and safety. She lay there, breathing deeply and she could feel the anxieties, the disappointments, the cruelty of her life lift from her like the steam rising from the pool. Everything was going to be ok...
Mmmm...Ambrosia, the food of the gods. Any mortal who ate Ambrosia became immortal, and there is something magical about the word...ambrosia. Don't doubt the importance of serenity--you ARE a goddess...and you should treat yourself like one.

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June 15, 2004

Why did the chicken cross the road?...

So, you're going card shopping for that special occasion, huh?...Let me see if I've got this about right--You walk into the store, go straight over to the funny cards and begin to filter through them. This one is kind of goofy...What a corny card!...She would love this one!...Two hours later you are still standing there, going cross-eyed, your fingers blistered from opening so many cards. Ok, so maybe I'm a little off with the blisters. But you know you never spend less than thirty minutes looking for gift cards. So what is so compelling about those contrived little expressions and honestly, somtime asinine jokes on gift cards. It's difficult to say, but the point is they ARE COMPELLING...addictive almost, and somewhere in their cheesy little catch phrases you find yourself smiling--letting out a wicked little laugh even. May I venture a guess into the cause of your delight in gift cards?...Those little expressions ARE US! They make you want to read them because they remind you that you live in a world where it's OKAY to be cheesy and it's FUNNY to tell predictable jokes. Ofcourse you can be clever and savvy, but kooky and silly too. We can't all be Chris Rock and Ellen Degeneres, but there is a little comedian in everyone. Indulge it...nurture it...and keep on laughing, even when you think you should't!

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June 08, 2004

Whatever will be...will be on ME!

33330RBWD_SMWhen I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what will I be-- Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?... Here's what she said to me...
ACCESSORIZE....ACCESSORIZE...ACCESORIZE...It is truly amazing the difference a few dangling earrings, the right belt and an arm full of bracelets can make. You're right, you can get a GREAT outfit, and you can look absolutely stunning dressed in the most impeccable's not fair to neglect your neck, wrists, ears, ankles and toes. After all, your accessories might not be the first thing they'll see when you walk into the club, but an arm that jingles across the bartop, and fingers that just catch the light of the moon positively and unconditionally CANNOT be denied. Right now is the perfect time to go hog-wild with accessories too!...Just remember--less IS NOT more this season, but the MORE THE MERRIER! And too much of a good thing is NEVER ENOUGH. So next time you're getting ready, even for the simplest of occasions, throw on an extra necklace, pull out that shiny little hand bag, and above all, don't be afraid of those crazy, extra-big hoopy earrings.

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