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May 04, 2004

There’s something important I had to do this weekend...

taintor-mothers...and if it doesn't involve your mother, we'll expect to see you on national television, enmeshed in some global disaster. In which case, at least remember to say hello to her!
And if you're still not sure what we're getting at, May 9th is Mother's Day. So, maybe you're taking her out to a fancy five star diner, or maybe she'll be taking you, (we know, times are tough, thank goodness we have our mothers to help us over life's little rough spots), but whatever you do, make sure you do a lil' somthing to make it a special day for her. If the 72-hour spa treatment is a out of your budget this year, don't make her laugh with the dollar ninety nine special you bought at the corner Sock-n-Save. Instead, give her a real laugh - and a handy place to jot down her grocery list. Anne Taintor's notepad collection features clever witticisms on vintage art and may just appeal to your dear old mum more than you know. She wasn't always just your mother. Also available as refrigerator magnets, coasters, and postcards.

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Extra Fancy

queensoapEmbossed, triple milled pure vegetable based bar with Moroccan rose, Indonesian ylang and African gardenia. Not your average bar of soap, but then, you’re a little above the bar average anyway, aren’t you? Blue Q’s Extra Fancy Queen Soap, a highly cilvilized alternative when the average bath bar simply won’t do.

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