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April 30, 2004

Like Royalty

queencreamRemember when you were Daddy’s little girl and he always called you Princess? Or maybe you and the old man weren’t so close... maybe you were more a royal pain in the neck. Princess or Pain, we would like to invite you to indulge in Blue Q’s Queen hand cream. Sublimely scented and velvety to the touch, Blue Q's Queen Cream will keep your delicate hands pampered and surprisingly soft, even after those long hard days spent schmoozing with your public.

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April 29, 2004

Anne Taintor

Anne TaintorWe first ran into Anne Taintor three years ago at a New York gift show. Artists don't usually front their own booths... they usually have somebody do it for them. We were surprised to find out that this hoot of a person was in fact the artist herself. Anne is a riot and it comes out in her artwork. Being one of her very first customers, it's probably fair to say we discovered her. Three years later, Anne is much richer for it. In case you haven't seen Anne's work, we carry her entire collection of coasters, magnets, notepads, greeting cards and boxed invitations. What is her art like? It's color Xerox of advertising images from our mother's era captioned with poignant "women speak" of the 90's delivered with a punch... and a smile. Speaking of mothers... her day is just around the corner... May 9th.

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vestalwatchNever mind all the hype we're used to hearing about white in years gone by. For the first time at EMERALDS there is genuine interest in WHITE. White is the perfect compliment to the wonderful bright palette that this season is all about. Pick a bright, give it some white and you have... POP! No other color can create the balance and contrast for whatever your choice of bright may be. White makes it POP! What shoes do I wear with my bright outfit? White makes it easy. White shoes go with just about anything you can imagine this spring/summer. No white shoes in your closet? There has never been a better selection and more appropriate time to introduce white into your wardrobe... especially WHITE SHOES! In the past white always seemed to be forced and contrived. For the first time white is coming off as natural and obvious. Complimentary in both tone and attitude, now more than ever is the time to pick up a pair.
Also, for the first time we're seeing white as the first choice for accessories. White belts, watches, handbags and sunglasses have become best sellers. They look fresh, natural as opposed to contrived, and FUN!

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April 28, 2004


Marie DiMasi Circle Window Earrings in stockGreen is definitely the color of the moment. It started flying out of the store in early February and hasn't stopped. Fortunately we've been paying attention to your requests and have plenty of green on hand for May. Green is looking especially good on the bottom. Most girls seem to be using it with white as their first choice. Pink as an accent color is running a close second and yellow, used with green, has been popular as well. Green shoes are starting to warm up as well. We'll keep you posted on this developing green story.
Tomorrow we'll talk about the other color of choice for the season... can you guess what it is?

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The New Floor Set

We finished remerchandising the floor. As you enter the clothing section, you'll find the dress up items more forward. As you go further into the clothing section, it becomes more and more casual all the way to the back wall, which is now a wall of denim skirts, shorts, minis, capris and full lenght jeans. The right side wall continues to feature Michael Stars and Susanna Monaco. To the front of the Michael Stars section along the right wall you'll find dresses prices $98 and up. To the rear of the Michael Stars section along the right wall, you'll find dresses $98 and less. Along the left wall you'll find items that feature "the colors of the moment". We're currently featuring greens and whites along this wall.
As you move into the clothing section you'll find stories of red, turquoise, olives combined with pink, khaki combined with pink and corals and various shades of pink from fuschia to pastel pinks combined with whites. Black and white continue to be important but as you'll discover, brights are what it's all about this spring.
Susanna Monaco has been moved from around the floor to being collected and presented in her very own vignette along the left hand wall next to Michael Stars. You'll also find a dedicated rack of printed tshirts adjacent to the back wall denim section. We're already getting favorable feedback from our customers about this new merchandise set. They're finding it easier to shop and easier to put together outfits.
We hope you will find it a more desirable merchandise set as well.

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April 23, 2004

In the Bag...

We dropped off another load of new purses yesterday. Enjoy purse shopping this weekend!

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April 22, 2004

Charles David Purses

Fresh on the floor... new purses from Charles David. Check 'em out! Whites, fuschias and blacks.

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UT Fashion Show

Very cool. If you weren't one the of the 3,000+ at the UT fashion show last night, you should seriously reconsider for next year. Fashion-goers were first treated to a sneak peek at what was to come... each designer had created her own uniquely personlized board showcasing her clothing designs and offering a little bit of insight to her inspirations.
Curiosity was high, and the delivery was on par.
Snoop Dogg and the Chronic set the tone as the first model stepped onto the runway and sashayed into the light. For almost two hours, the audience enjoyed an arresting variety of color, texture and shape.
Props to the talented girls who put so much time and energy into their work, much thanks for treating us to such an extraordinary event, and an extra congratulations to EMERALDS own, Liraun, who took home the prize for Most Marketable Collection.

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Entrance to Emeralds from Lamar

The alley is closed today, however you still have access to GM parking and EMERALDS parking from Lamar approaching from the north or the south. North bound customers may want to turn west on 6th and scoot through the Waterloo parking lot. South entrance will be closed one more day for construction of a manhole cover in the alley. Simply walk around behind the store to access the north door.

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The Purpose of this Web Journal

Hmmmmm... what do you do with a web journal? Isn't a journal full of what other people think? You're thinking, 'what's in it for me?'
Well, that's what this journal is all about.... it's about YOU... what YOU want, what YOU think, what YOU like, and what you don't like... this is your opportunity to have some real input into your shopping experience... from the beverages we serve on the weekends to the shoe sizes we offer, to the the flavor of our more... tasty items. We want to give you, the customer, immediate and direct access to the decision makers at EMERALDS, namely the buyers and the owner.
You let us know where you'd like to see the store go and we'll let you know through this web journal where we're headed with it in light of the feedback we get from you here. We hope you'll want to see us headed in an exciting, fun and unique direction. Please let us know if we're doing alright by you. We DO listen and we hope you'll take this opportunity on an ongoing basis to voice your opinions and concerns.
If you find us to be redundant about this request, it's only because we want to bring home the point of how important it is for us to give you the opportunity to influence things.
Let us know how we're doing. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we're serving you as well. We strive to provide you with an extraordinary experience. If it's anything less than that, let us hear about it. At the same time let us know how we can make it even more special for you.

We realize we can't make each of the thousands of EMERALDS customers happy all the time but we intend to make raving fans out of most of you all the time.

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